Fieldwork Methodologies Managed


  • Standard focus group recruitment
  • List recruitment (Business and Consumer)
  • In-depths, pairs, triads and mini-groups
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Accompanied shops/Ethnographic/Immersions
  • Online communities

As part of our service we provide hosting, venue booking and questionnaire design. Venue and incentive handling if required.


  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • Street/Exit/In-store
  • Product Testing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Nationally representative studies
  • Editing and coding
  • Outsourcing of sampling, data entry and analysis

Examples of recent projects managed

Many of our clients prefer to keep the nature of their assignments confidential. However, the following are samples of projects on which we have been appointed.


  • Catalogue research – focus groups and depth interviews – in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Mix of recruitment methods – client list and freefind.
  • Non Nationals – from Indonesians to Asian Hairdressers. We will find what you are looking for!
  • Tourism Groups – Mix of samples in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and various locations in the UK.
  • Mother and Baby groups – recruitment of 80+ groups with pregnant women/women with new babies


  • Advertising tracking – radio, newspaper and TV adverts over three years in NI and ROI.
  • Nationally representative placement and recall project with smokers on behalf of a leading international cigarette company with a sample size of 850+ respondents
  • National study about childcare in Ireland to find out how childcare services are meeting the needs of children and their parents with a sample of 570 x 1 hour face to face interview.
  • National aftersales customer satisfaction survey with over 400 car owners of various makes and models.
  • Radio survey with 540 adults in Dublin to provide an overview of the market place, identify a sub-sample of music listeners and identify their tastes.

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