Centralised Recruitment Hub™

At Fieldwork Future, we strive for quality in every project we manage. We do this by employing the best external field force but also by keeping an open mind when it comes to recruitment methods.

The demand to provide quality, very detailed, difficult to find sample, in a very short time frame has increased greatly in recent years. This new trend puts additional pressure on internal and external field staff. To help supply this sample we added a new services department, THE CENTRALISED RECRUITMENT HUB™. The Hub was set up in January 2012. It doesn’t replace traditional recruitment methods but complements our service to clients by providing additional options.

The Hub uses various methods to recruit in-house by working with a hand picked, trained team of supervised telephone recruiters, on-line using various social media sites and our own website via the respondent panel page.

The Hub has developed a database of over 1000 fresh respondents representing students, mums, businesses and general consumers. Other specific recruitment types that have evolved from client requests are:

  • Co-Creation Workshops – Leading edge/Creative respondents
  • Business owners
  • Client list recruitment

The beauty of recruiting in-house is the capability to provide clients with up to the minute feedback on progress. This is especially important when it comes to list recruitment. If required, we can provide instant information on calling outcomes and flag any issues /problems with client list within hours of getting it. We’re so experienced at this we’ve noticed refusal rate low and recruitment time shortened!

We are continually evolving ….our fresh and enthusiastic respondent database is growing everyday as people sign up to our recruitment respondent panel. Respondent Panel.

Our Facebook group is always buzzing with new recruits from all over the country.
Our friendly Hub team can be seen out and about in targeted areas handing out our leaflets.
No matter how we find them, you can rest assured that all respondents are screened by The Hub team before being added to our panel and screened again for individual projects.

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